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Used Cisco UBR Universal Broadband Router Equipment - UBR7246VXR UBR7223VXR UBR7225VXR UBR10012

Genesis Global Networks predominantly sells used Cisco uBR Universal Broadband Router network equipment, even though new equipment is sold too. Since business networks are in a constant state of flux, the secondary market of used uBR Cisco equipment is hot! Try not to be biased against used network equipment—just because it's used, doesn't mean you are not getting the best value for the dollar. As you know, companies have to be smart in how they spend large chunks of money. Let's face it, network hardware is not cheap!

Save Up To 50-99% Off List Price

Our experienced Sales Managers can help you find the right equipment for your computer network. We try to get you the best return value for your equipment, as well as get you the best price on new and used uBR Cisco Systems equipment. Also, for the best pricing on the Used Cisco UBR 7246VXR, UBR7246VXR, UBR7223VXR, UBR7225VXR and UBR10012 broadband routers, contact us today. And for Cisco UBR Line Cards like the UBR-MC28U, UBR-MC16U, UBR-MC28C, and more, email us today. Call us today at 1-800-908-9665!

One-Year Warranty Plans Are Standard for All UBR Routers

Our goal is to gain your trust, and the best way we know how to do this is to offer you accompanying warranty plans with each purchase from us. We proudly stand by our equipment. Even though each used equipment is unique, we give you a FREE ONE-YEAR WARRANTY PLAN with each purchase. Give the Genesis Global Networks' Sales Managers a call, and they will be happy to go over this further with you.

The First Step Towards Purchasing Used uBR Cisco

TIP: The first question to ask yourself is, "How much can I (or company) afford to pay?" The smart shopper will consider how to pay or finance their network equipment at the beginning of the shopping process. By doing this first, you could prevent unpleasant surprises later in the transaction, as well as help you make an unemotional decision that fits your company's budget.

For the best prices and selection in Used Cisco , visit our parent company, Genesis Global.

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Once all of the paperwork is complete and you get your compensation for your trade-in and get your purchase in-hand, it is finally time to relax and begin enjoying your well-functioning network.